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How to Give a Full Body Massage

Use massage to reduce stress, tension and gain new energy. Easy to use guidance to relax with a massage


1.Create the right atmosphere/ambiance. It is important to have a cozy, quiet, warm room. Maybe you'll want to spread roses to create a loving feeling.

2.Use heating/cooling to get the right temperature (note that during a massage most bodies are cooling down).

3.Use lamps or candles to have a warm ambiance that is not too bright and not too dark, and to bring a nice aroma to the room.

4.Make sure that the neighbourhood cannot observe the massage - close your curtains.

5.Prepare massage oil - Jojoba oil is best, Almond oil is cheap and good- do not use products with petroleum.

6.Spread a linen on the floor (giving a massage on a bed or sofa is not recommended).

7.Place a blanket or adequate cover over the linen (the person lies afterwards in between the linen and blanket).

8.Prepare yourself - cut your nails, take a bath to relax yourself, concentrate on the upcoming massage and person, relax with yoga, mental methods or breathing techniques, put on some comfortable clothes

9.Have your partner take off his/her clothes and lie between the blanket and linen on his/her stomach. If the partner takes all clothes off it will feel more relaxing. If partner doesn't want to then it would be fine to stay in underwear.

10.Pull the blanket covering the right leg away (only reveal the leg).

11.Place yourself on the right side next to your partner on the thigh of the lower leg.

12.Use your flat hands to smoothly slide from the foot to the bottom on top of the back of the right leg and slide again down.

13.Knead the right leg from the bottom to the top in 3 parts (inner, middle, outer part of the leg).

14.Use your flat hands to smoothly slide from the foot to the bottom on top of the back of the right leg and slide again down. Repeat the same process for the left leg.

15.Put the blanket back

16.Reveal the back of your partner by moving the part of the blanket that is at the head onto the bottom.

17.Place yourself at the head facing the legs. Use your flat hands to smoothly slide from head to the bottom. Each hand is close to the spine, one on the right and the other one on the left side of the spine. Slide over the edge of the bottom to the side and slide on the sides upwards and just underneath the scapulas you slide back to the spine and move the rest back up to the beginning of the shoulders. Do this 3 times.

18.Place yourself onto the side of the back of your partner and with your left hand, do a full circle on his or her back. With your right hand, do a half circle beginning away from your left going clockwise. You should do this very slowly, smooth and sensitive. Start at the bottom and circle your way up to the shoulders.

19.Cover the back again

20.Repeat the massage process with the legs on the right and left arms.

21.Let your partner turn onto his back.

22.Rub your hands and place them slowly over your partner's eyes - do not touch him/her just a bit above his head - try to stay like this for 1 - 2 minutes.

23.Slide your thumbs from the part between the eyebrows to the point where the hair starts.

24.Place your thumbs a bit higher and move them apart.

25.Do it again until you reach the beginning of the ear.

26.Do the same starting at the base of the nose moving over the cheeks.

27.Do the same on the upper lip (between nose and lips).

28.Do the same underneath the lip (between lips and chin).

29.Place each of your hands onto one shoulder and start slowly to "share" the whole body.


. Go slowly.

. Feel with your hands instead of looking with your eyes.

. Accept your partner


. Do not massage if you do not feel well, or if you or your partner has any injury or sickness.

. Never massage a wound.

. Never massage legs with bad veins.

. If you are uncertain, ask your doctor.

Things You'll Need

. Oil

. linen

. blanket

. candles

. fragrances

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