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How to Receive a Massage ?

Learning to give a massage is a noble pursuit but people rarely consider the art of receiving massage. This article seeks to open that door. This article assumes you have already chosen a gifted massage therapist and have learned never to let him or her go.


1.Remove your clothes and wear whatever makes you comfortable. There will be a sheet covering your body. The therapist only pulls away the part of the sheet of the part of the body they are massaging. Be suspicious if they want to force you to strip.

2.Before the massage, a hot sauna or shower, if possible is nice. Hot water, especially steam, tends to loosen up the muscles and prepares the skin. 3.

3.Lie on the table, and be aware of your breathing. Do two or three deep breaths and exhalations when you lie down. These should be slow in and a little faster on the exhale.4.

4.Try not to talk for most of the massage. Silence is another gift which can have an immeasurable impact on your peacefulness. When the therapist is pushing down on muscle, let the air out of your lungs in time with the pressure. Breathe in as the therapist pulls back his or her pressure. 5.

5.As the therapist moves the sheet to work on a part of your body, don't move for them or hold limbs up as they secure the sheet. A properly trained therapist will not need your help and the tension inhibits your relaxation. 6.

6.Think of your massage not just as one artist doing his or her job but two artists - you and the therapist - working together. A dance. Be involved and aware of the touch and pressure. Do your part to breathe into and out of the massage. Once you know your therapist, the two of you can develop an intuitive and autonomic partership of your muscles almost rising to meet the pressure and your therapist's hands and arms knowing exactly when to push, press, rub or tap.


•Take a shower before the massage. .

•Go to the restroom before your massage. .

•Try allowing yourself to drift off into a semi-sleepy state at opportune moments. .

•Take your time getting up after your session is over. .

•Drink plenty of water after your massage.

•Most therapists play music. Float away with the music. If you do not like the music or it is distracting for you, ask for the music to be shut off or changed. You can even bring your own. .

•Communicate. Do not be afraid to speak up and say what you like and do not like

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